Top 4 Reasons Why a Gatlinburg Condo Rental is Better Than a Hotel

exterior of condos

When planning your Gatlinburg vacation, there is no need to settle for a hotel room when you can stay in one of our affordable condo rentals! Our condos are designed so that you can enjoy a fabulous getaway with many of the comforts of home, including comfortable bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens and more! You’ll also be able to take advantage of many extra amenities too, such as swimming pools and convenient laundry facilities! Here are the top 4 reasons why a Gatlinburg condo rental is better than a hotel:

1. Condos Are a Better Value

Laurel InnWhile a traditional hotel room might appear to have the lowest rates, you’ll find that a Gatlinburg condo rental offers a much better value! When staying in a hotel, you’ll have to dine out for all of your meals and won’t even be able to store your leftovers! The expense of dining out can add up quickly and significantly increase the overall cost of your vacation! When you stay in our condo rentals, you can cook meals in the comfort of your own kitchen and save a tremendous amount of money! The only thing that you need to bring along are the groceries, which can be picked up at several local stores in the Smoky Mountains! Be sure to check out our Gatlinburg condo specials to save even more on your vacation!

2. Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements

Another reason why a condo is better than a hotel is because of the comfortable sleeping arrangements! When you stay in a hotel room, you’ll be cramped up with your family members and find it more difficult to sleep with everyone in one tiny room! Our condo rentals feature 1 to 3 bedrooms so that you can spread out in comfort and be well rested for your busy days in the Smoky Mountains! Many families with children especially appreciate our multi-bedroom condos so that they can put the kids to bed early while staying up later to relax and watch television!

3. Fun Extra Amenities

outdoor patio table and pool at a Gatlinburg condo rentalWhen it comes to staying in a Gatlinburg condo rental, you’ll get to enjoy many extra fun amenities! If you are visiting during the summer months, be sure to bring your bathing suit along for a refreshing swim in an outdoor pool! You’ll have a blast splashing around for hours or relaxing poolside to soak up some rays! Some of our condo properties also feature an indoor pool where you can go swimming all year and never have to worry about a sunburn! There are plenty of other extra amenities too, including Jacuzzi rooms, free wireless Internet access, fireplaces and more!

4. Beautiful Mountain Views

Many of our Gatlinburg condo rentals feature balconies with beautiful views of the Smokies, which makes it truly feel as if you have escaped to the mountains! Step outside onto your private balcony to take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air and get a feel for the weather conditions for the day! This sure beats staying in a typical hotel room where you likely just have a curtain to pull back to reveal a parking lot view! Be sure to bring your camera along for your adventures in the Smoky Mountains, as you’ll definitely want to take some photos from the balcony!

Make your plans to stay in a Gatlinburg condo rental today and enjoy all of the extra amenities that come with it – we guarantee that you’ll never stay in a hotel in the Smokies again! We look forward to seeing you soon!