Terms and Conditions

DISCLAIMER – Each of our units are individually owned with their own amenities.  We will make every effort to ensure that all amenities along with rates do not change, however we still have no control over certain circumstances regarding individual owner’s decisions with their respective unit without notice.  Vacation Condos in Gatlinburg takes no responsibility for errors in description, amenities, rates or location.  Some amenities may change due to theft, fire or other issues beyond our control from the time of booking your reservation until arrival.

RESERVATION POLICY – You must be 21 years or older to book an overnight rental unit! *At time of reservation, your credit card will be charged the first nights rent + non-refundable reservation fee ($10.00) + taxes. The balance of the reservation will be billed to your credit card 7 days prior to your arrival date. If you are wanting to pay cash for the remaining balance, you will need to contact the office at 865-430-3700 to make those arrangements. No personal checks are accepted for reservations that are for arrival dates less than 30 days prior to arrival.  Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express are accepted for payment. Cash is only accepted at check in.

CHECK-IN PROCEDURE – Check in times begin at 3:00 pm.  However, during peak seasons and holiday weekends, we cannot guarantee a 3:00 PM check-in due to the volume of units checking out and being cleaned for your arrival. We will make every attempt to have your unit ready by 3:00 pm,   You may be able to check in earlier if your unit is ready to be occupied.  Please call the office at 865-430-3700 for information about a possible early check in.  All check out times will be at 11:00 am. Late check-ins, (after 5:00 pm) will have an envelope marked with your name, enclosed with directions to your unit and key.  Please call the office at 865-430-3700 for further information on Late Check-in instructions.

CHECK-OUT IS 11:00 AM – Please ensure that you have checked your unit thoroughly before departing to ensure no items are left behind.  Ensure that all the remotes for the TV’s and other electronic equipment are accounted for. Vacation Condos in Gatlinburg is not responsible for personal property left behind, stolen or damaged during your stay. Never leave valuables (cash, wallets, jewelry, cameras, etc.) unattended. If you find you have left something behind, call our office at 865-430-3700 and we will try to locate the missing item(s). If the item(s) is located it will be returned to you COD through Express Packaging Services (EPS).  Any Items found and not claimed after approximately 7 days will be disposed of accordingly.  NOTE:  Checking out after 11:00 am without a late checkout approval will result in an additional full day charge.

ITEMS YOU MAY WANT TO BRING – All units are equipped with housekeeping items such as soaps, trash bags, etc. for two (2) days along with linens, bath & hand towels, wash cloths and bath mats.  When you need to get additional items of what are provided, just stop by the office during business hours and they will exchange your linens and towels out with you.  You may want to bring coffee and coffee filters.

FIRE PLACES (GAS) – Do not, repeat do not place any wood or other type of combustible material in a gas fireplace. Placing wood kindling or logs in a gas fireplace can cause serious damage to the unit and more importantly, serious injury or death.  Also, you will be charged an additional amount if you place any combustible material in the gas fireplace.  If you arrive at your unit and notice that the pilot light is out and are not familiar with how to re-ignite it, please call our office at 865-430-3700 or if you arrived after hours please call the after hours number posted on the office door.  In some instances, pilots lights will go out between the time the unit is checked and your arrival due to drafts or simple shutting of a door.  Gas will be turned off between April 1st through October 1st each year.  DO NOT re-position gas logs.  This may cause the fireplace to work improperly.

START UP SUPPLIES – All units are equipped with housekeeping items such as soaps, trash bags, etc. for two (2) days.  Additional items needed for beyond a two day stay is provided by the guest. Vacation Condos in Gatlinburg equips each of our units with bed linens (sheets, pillowcases, 1 blanket & bedspread per bed), 2 bath towel per person, hand towels, wash cloths and shower mats for the occupancy of the unit along with a starter supply of bar soap, dish soap, paper towels and toilet paper, etc.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS – Fire Extinguishers are provided in all the units.  Please upon arrival get familiar with the location of fire extinguishers and all exits from the premises.

REFRIGERATORS – DO NOT adjust temperature settings.  Leave the setting in the middle, otherwise, too much strain on compressor may make the unit shut down.  Also, if load the refrigerator with large amounts of warm or room temperature items, the unit will take longer than normal to cool your items.

FURNISHINGS – Do not move furniture, etc.  You will be charged for any rearranging of furniture or game table re-positioning.

APPLIANCES/AMENITIES – Vacation Condos in Gatlinburg cannot guarantee that all appliances,  hot water heaters, fireplaces,  etc. will be in working order 100% of the time during your stay.  All of our units are thoroughly checked prior to your arrival to ensure that electrical/mechanical items are working properly. Vacation Condos in Gatlinburg will make every effort to correct any deficiencies upon or after your arrival as soon as possible.  Report all maintenance issues to our office, 865-430-3700.  If you encounter a true emergency after hours, please call the number posted on the office door for the on call representative.  Non-emergency issues will be answered to the following day.  Olde Gatlinburg Rentals reserves the right to make maintenance calls either inside or outside the unit during your stay, if necessary.  We will attempt to do this without disturbing your privacy.

CHANGES OR MODIFICATION TO ORIGINAL PROPERTY RESERVED – Guest should understand that Vacation Condos in Gatlinburg does not have any control over property that is made unavailable due to reasons beyond our control.  Vacation Condos in Gatlinburg will make every attempt to place you in a similar or better unit than originally reserved at no additional cost.  If no other unit is available, our only liability is to refund your total deposit.

INDIVIDUAL RENTAL UNITS – The overnight property managed by Vacation Condos in Gatlinburg are privately owned and decorated and furnished to the enjoyment and needs of each individual owner.  Although, we make every attempt with our owners to outfit all units with identical or like amenities, some properties will have more amenities than others.  All we can ask our guests is that you identify any special considerations you may need while visiting here in the Smokies.

HOUSEKEEPING – If you have a housekeeping issue, you can discuss them with our staff if you discover an issue after check-in.  DO NOT, repeat DO NOT discuss housekeeping issues after your departure.  It is very difficult, to say the least, for us to make any determination on a housekeeping matter after check-out.  We do inspect each unit prior to guest arrival and make every attempt to have all items cleaned to your satisfaction.  The monies you pay in housekeeping fees are only collected and dispersed to the individual cleaning contractor. Beds (except sofa beds) are made prior to your arrival. Daily maid service is not provided

TRASH REMOVAL – Trash removal will be completed from each unit at the end of each reservation.  Daily trash removal is not provided, however, guests may use the dumpster behind the building near the rear exit closest to Baskin’s Creek Road to dispose of any additional or excess trash during their stay.

PEST CONTROL – All units are treated monthly by a professional pest control company, ladybugs, wasps and other insects sometimes affect rental units. In the event of a major infestation, the office will call pest control to attempt to solve the problem.  NO REFUNDS in the event of lady bug infestations.  NOTE:  Please bear in mind that the all units are located around the National Park.  Insects and other types of animals can be a nuisance from time to time.  All attempts are made either through pest control agencies or other means to ensure that you have an enjoyable stay.

WINTER WEATHER & ROAD CONDITIONS DURING INCLEMENT WEATHER – Road conditions call 800-342-3258 (Tennessee Road Condition Line). In winter, road conditions can change quickly, though, in recent years, our weather is ordinarily fine.