Where to Find the Best Breakfast in Gatlinburg, TN

Log Cabin Pancake House in Gatlinburg

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially during vacation! You should start your morning with plenty of food to give you the energy you need to see and do everything on your Gatlinburg vacation to-do list. There are plenty of great places to go for breakfast in Gatlinburg, so it can be difficult to choose where to eat. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best breakfast restaurants in Gatlinburg that you should try during your visit!

Crockett’s Breakfast Camp

Crockett's Breakfast Camp in GatlinburgOne of the most popular places to eat breakfast in Gatlinburg is Crockett’s Breakfast Camp. This pioneer-themed breakfast restaurant offers a unique menu unlike anywhere else in town. Crockett’s Breakfast Camp is most known for their griddle cakes, which are super thick pancakes served with whipped butter and warm maple syrup. Their menu also includes omelets, biscuits, waffles, french toast, and special takes on the classic eggs Benedict. An especially unique breakfast dish is the Elk Mountain Grande Burrito, which includes eggs, shredded beef, cheese, pico de gallo, black olives, jalapeños, and ranchero sauce. No matter what you order, you’re sure to leave satisfied!

The Atrium Restaurant

If you are in the mood for traditional Southern cooking, stop by The Atrium Restaurant for some of the best breakfast in Gatlinburg. This restaurant is most known for their pancakes, which come in seven flavor options: buttermilk, chocolate chip, pecan, blueberry, strawberry, bacon, and banana nut. You can also order omelets, waffles, french toast, eggs Benedict, or the oven-baked Famous Apple Pancake. Or, choose one of their Scramblers, which are served with home fries, eggs, and variations of breakfast meats, cheeses, and vegetables. If you can’t decide what to order, then one of their House Specials is perfect because you can try a little bit of everything!

Pancake Pantry

Pancake Pantry in GatlinburgAnother great place to go for breakfast in Gatlinburg is the famous Pancake Pantry. When this breakfast restaurant opened in 1960, it was the first pancake specialty restaurant in the state of Tennessee, and they have been serving tasty pancakes ever since. Their breakfast menu is served all day and includes various types of pancakes, crepes, waffles, omelets, and more. Pancakes are, of course, the most popular items on the menu. All their batters are made from fresh ingredients, and each syrup and compote is prepared in their own kitchen. Choose a traditional pancake flavor like blueberry or chocolate chip, or try something new like Sweet Potato Pancakes, Caribbean Pancakes, or Corn Meal Pancakes.

Log Cabin Pancake House

Another famous place to go for breakfast in Gatlinburg is Log Cabin Pancake House. This restaurant is family owned and operated, and they have been serving visitors since 1976. The most popular items on the menu are pancakes, which come in a wide variety of flavors. Try something you’ve never had before such as Butterscotch Chip Pancakes, Pancake Royale, or their Cabin Special. You can also order various types of French crepes, French toast, and waffles. If you’re looking for a Southern treat, you should try one of their biscuits meals or omelets. Everything on the menu is tasty and definitely worth the trip!

The Donut Friar

the donut friar sign in the village shops in gatlinburg tennesseeIf you want to start your morning with a sweet treat, visit The Donut Friar in The Village for breakfast in Gatlinburg. Donuts aren’t the most traditional breakfast meal, but they are very tasty and a great way to start your day! Plus, you can take them with you on the go to get an earlier start to your day! The Donut Friar is well-known to locals and visitors alike for having some of the best donuts around, and they are all made fresh daily. You’ll find so many flavors of donuts, such as powdered, glazed, coconut, chocolate, and daily specials, as well as other pastries like French crullers, eclairs, glazed croissants, and more!

More Places to Eat in Gatlinburg, TN

These are some of the best places to stop for breakfast in Gatlinburg to start your morning off right. Gatlinburg is full of great restaurants for every meal. If you are wondering where to go for lunch and dinner, check out these delicious Gatlinburg restaurants during your vacation!